Empack Porto: The future of packaging technology!

Another year, we approach to keep in touch with suppliers and industry professionals. Every year, we expand our offering of packaging suppliers and solutions to bring the latest developments and the best technology in the market to the packaging community. Empack Porto has established itself as the industry’s annual flagship event, thanks to its solid track record of offering the latest machinery, packaging, labels, packaging printing and consumables. Empack is celebrated together with Logistics & Automation, offering a unique space to find all the new products and discover innovation.



Todas as soluções para facilitar a integração de informações em sua cadeia de suprimentos. RFID e sistemas de rotulagem - Soluções de captura de dados - Software de planejamento e IT - Soluções para e-comerce e cloud logistics.



Descubra como otimizar suas entregas, reduzir custos e aumentar a confiabilidade. Soluções de última milha - Rastreabilidade - Serviços de entrega e encomendas - Logística reversa.



A mais recente tecnologia em soluções de armazenamento para melhorar sua eficiência. Soluções de armazenamento - Software de gestão de armazém e estoque - Portas, rampas e sistemas de segurança - Picking e automação.

Empack Conference Room

In the 7th edition, we will offer conferences from leaders and experts in the packaging industry, and we will deal with important current issues in the packaging world and address other pertinent topics in the industry. We will soon share our conference calendar and more information about all the new features of the 2023 edition. Below you can check some of the topics covered in the 6th edition of Empack Porto.

Circularity of paper, plastic and glass packaging

Luis Ferreira

Packaging & Messaging Responsible Bosch PT

Luísa Magalhães

Smart Waste Portugal

Nuno Nogueira

Quality Assurance Manager

Gatão's got some nerve!

Ana Montenegro

Marketing Director JMV Group

Rita Rivotti

Founder of RitaRivotti® Design
With around 25 years of experience, Miguel graduated in Business Management and has several post-graduate degrees from universities such as London Business School, IMD Switzerland, EPG Porto and Universidade Nova. He has additional training in the science of happiness, from Berkeley University, management of emotions and micro-expressions by the Paul Ekman International Institute and in Neuro Linguistic Programming, with John Grinder himself. He has also learned to go deeper in his coaching sessions, through training with some of the best coaches in the world, such as Fred Kofman, David Peterson and David Goldsmith, and in this year’s edition he intends to address issues such as creativity, risk aversion, beliefs, habits, and, as is in all of us, the ability to accept, manage and lead change.