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Sessão dinámica com a ICIL: Supply Chain in the metaverse. Gamification

Sessão de Inglês

Do I have “talent” to work in the Digital Transformation Logistics? How can
I improve my “talent”? Which “talent” are companies looking for in

The Supply Chain has changed a lot in the last 5 years. The way to manage
operations in companies is different. The use of new technologies has
intensified. Digitization is now a reality. We must be aware that the changes
affect all the actors in the value chain, but above all affects people.
We must prepare this people to understand the new reality of operations,
and to do it efficiently, we need to do it with the same tools that are being
used today.

We propose a new learning system based on “LEARNING-BY-DOING”.
Talent creation in logistics must be dynamic and interactive. During the
session, the tools of augmented reality, simulation games, and the
possibility of being self-sufficient in the process of being a talented
professional will be seen.

César Castillo

César Castillo – Controller y Director Académico ICIL