Logistics Porto

Logistics Porto

Logistics Porto has been offering, for 7 years, thousands of visitors and suppliers the opportunity to get in touch and do business to take the industry value chain one step further. Consolidated as a leading trade fair in the sector, in 2024 it returns to bring the future of logistics to professionals. A unique space to respond to any need in the supply chain, improve logistics processes and make your business model more competitive. Logistics & Automation Porto offers the most innovative solutions and the latest technology: it is the answer to the new demands of the market.

Information systems

Information systems for Logistics

All solutions to facilitate the integration of information into your supply chain RFID and labelling systems - Data collection solutions - IT & software - E-commerce & cloud logistics



Find out how to optimize your deliveries, reduce costs and increase reliability Last mile solutions - Traceability - Courier & shipping services - Reverse logistics



The latest technology in storage solutions to improve your efficiency Wharehousing solutions - IT, WMS and management of stocks - Barriers, gates, rampsrampas and safety systems - Picking and automation

Specialised seminars about the industry challenges

This year we bring in several industry leaders and experts addressed issues that are trending, such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Impact of war in the supply chain

We will also have the presence of leading brands in the industry, looking to share knowledge and experiences that can bring great ideas.

Unmissable Keynote Session: Humanized Leadership - The Formula for Happy Companies

Join us for a unique session with renowned speaker Ricardo Costa, CEO of the Bernardo da Costa group. Renowned for his visionary leadership, Ricardo is revolutionizing the global business landscape.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from his inspiring and empathetic approach to leadership, which goes beyond business success to economic, social and cultural development.

As the most followed person on LinkedIn in Portugal, Ricardo shares an inspiring vision for a better world, highlighting the importance of social and environmental responsibility. He is truly a source of inspiration for us all.

Discover the positive impact Ricardo is making and join us on this journey towards a more humane and happier business world. Book your place now.



With around 25 years of experience, Miguel graduated in Business Management and has several post-graduate degrees from universities such as London Business School, IMD Switzerland, EPG Porto and Universidade Nova. He has additional training in the science of happiness, from Berkeley University, management of emotions and micro-expressions by the Paul Ekman International Institute and in Neuro Linguistic Programming, with John Grinder himself. He has also learned to go deeper in his coaching sessions, through training with some of the best Coaches in the world, such as Fred Kofman, David Peterson and David Goldsmith and in the 2022 edition he addressed issues such as creativity, risk aversion, beliefs, habits, and, as it is in all of us, the ability to accept, manage and lead change.
Miguel Figeuiredo

O que acontece?

Empack and Logistics & Automation Porto: a feira que oferece duas jornadas onde entrar em contato direto com a inovação na primeira pessoa. Veja, experimente e toque os produtos que farão o futuro da indústria.

Descubra o último en tecnologia de packaging e logística na Empack and Logistics & Automation Porto.