Panotec represents the strategic solution for all packaging needs.

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“If the packaging of the future is smart, sustainable, safe and resilient, then the solution is just around the corner and it’s in Spain. It’s called “packaging on demand”, literally “personalised packaging” and was invented by Panotec in 1986 when the first machine capable of producing a personalised box to package various products coming off the production line (flexibility – batch 1) was produced and patented. Guided by a visionary spirit and continuous innovation since 2002 with the new president Giuseppe Capoia, Panotec leads the customised packaging landscape in more than 70 countries around the world and is chosen as a strategic partner for their business by prestigious global brands such as Amazon. Philips, Bosch, US Army, Scavolini, Toyota Group’s Denso and many others. A portfolio in continuous enrichment with the two complementary business divisions: Panotec Meccaniche Italiane dedicated to packaging machines and Panotec Automation specialised in complete, highly automated and customised systems. “Panotec represents the strategic solution for all packaging needs. With the Meccaniche Italiane division, Panotec offers the indispensable technology to create customised boxes, optimise logistics flow, ship products safely and make a eco-sustainable packaging.” Constantly growing in recent years, 𝗚𝗔𝗢𝗥™ Tecnología y Maquinaria is present throughout the Iberian Peninsula, providing customer service both in sales and after-sales, adapting to their needs. Our headquarters in Murcia, Spain, accompanies the development of your business in Spain and in the Portuguese and Latin American markets. (brass) The intuition behind the success of our company is a solution that becomes indispensable for all companies and all sectors where the product, of any shape and size, must be packaged and shipped safely. When production is in full flexibility (batch 1) and is characterised by extreme dimensional variability, here the Panotec machine comes into play, to create the fully customised box, exactly at the desired moment. The result is intelligent packaging that adapts to any type of production. A smart product capable of drastically optimising and streamlining the entire end-of-line process and the logistics flow of any company, obviously bringing great advantages both in terms of human resource efficiency and in the management and costs of raw materials. Using a simple continuous cartoning module, Panotec machines can create 100% recyclable boxes and internal packaging protections, thus eliminating bubble wrap and polluting plastics normally used as internal polystyrene fillers and minimising the need for manual operations for product packaging. This is why today’s forward-looking companies have already opted for these packaging systems, utilising them as a strategic asset both in terms of economic return and brand image. When packaging is aesthetically and qualitatively superior, sustainable and highly protective, that is the winning formula for being able to play in the competitive landscape with an extra weapon to face the future. To date, Panotec in the hands of 𝗚𝗔𝗢𝗥™ is the only company on the peninsula that can provide the solution that meets all these requirements, thanks to its many years of experience creating intelligent and customised technologies that only the Italian inventor genius of on-demand packaging can offer.”

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