Welcome to the Empack, Logistics& Automation Porto 2024 Operations Manual!


If you have reached this page, it is because you have confirmed your participation in the fair and you have already received your welcome email.

We invite you to explore the links in this wiki to learn about the regulations, the options to improve your participation and, in general, to get your stand ready for Empack, Logistics & Automation Porto 2024 step by step.

Do not hesitate to contact the Operations team at operaciones@easyfairs.com.
For greater speed and efficiency in our management, please remember to include the stand number and name in the subject line of all your communications.


You can confirm your participation mode by logging in to your MyEasyfairs.

In your private area you can also configure your stand for this edition and find all the relevant information for your participation.

If your participation modality is:

The documentation must include:
*Plan and dimensions in plan and elevation.
*Location of electrical connections (electrical box, sockets, etc.), compressed air, water and/or internet as appropriate.

  • MODULAR STAND (ALL IN): any specific information regarding the stand must be communicated before April 5th to operaciones@easyfairs.com.

Examples of modular stands can be consulted here. These are illustrative examples which do not necessarily correspond to the exact design of the booked stand.

Please check the sections relating to stand assembly and decoration in the regulations for participation in the fair before starting to design the project.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the type of participation, it is mandatory to book the electrical box through Easyfairs. It is possible to bring your own electrical box as long as the panel booked through Easyfairs is used as a bridge to the main connection.
If the power required for your stand is not included in our catalogue of services, please let us know your specific needs and we will send you a customised quotation.

You can clarify any doubts about regulations, decoration and assembly by sending an email to the operations department: operaciones@easyfairs.com.


The prices in the Online Shop are subject to change depending on how close the date of the fair is:

  • Regular Price: from February 5th to 20th.
  • Late Price: from February 21st to April 5th.
  • Onsite Price: from April 6th (by email only, subject to availability of service and stock).

All documentation requested by the organization for the correct performance of the event, including (but not limited to) final artwork, stand designs, technical plans, etc., must be sent to operaciones@easyfairs.com before April 5th.


  • SPACE ONLY: April 15th and 16th from 9:00 to 20:00.
  • STAND ALL IN: April 16th from 14:00 to 20:00.

CELEBRATION: April 17th and 18th 2024.

  • Access to exhibitors:
    • 17th April from 9:00 to 19:30.
    • 18th of April from 9:30 to 21:00
  • Access to visitors from 10:00 to 19:00


  • 18th April: you can start collecting and removing merchandise on the 18th afternoon once Exponor security service confirms that there no more visitors left, around 19:30 and until 21:00.
  • 19th April from 9:00 to 12:00.

We recommend that all merchandise that will remain on the stand until morning is packed and properly labelled, and in no case inside the ordered furniture.

Easyfairs reserves the right to change dates and times if deemed appropriate.

IMPORTANT: Please take into account the set-up and dismantling dates for the shipping and reception of merchandise, as it must be the stand staff or their assembly agency’s that receives the material and manages its reception or delivery. Easyfairs will not be responsible in any case for the reception, custody, storage or collection of any material from exhibitors.
It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to leave the space in exactly the same condition in which it was delivered. Any material remaining after dismantling time will be removed or disposed of at the exhibitor’s expense. The exhibitor will also be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of damage to the stand or furniture.

It is mandatory to wear a helmet, reflective waistcoat and homologated boots for access to the pavilion during the assembly and dismantling of the fair.


In your MyEasyfairs online shop, you can find a wide catalogue of furniture and additional services to complete the design of your stand.

  • Please note that the prices in the online shop are subject to three different periods depending on how close the date of the event is:
    • Regular Price: from February 5th to 20th.
    • Late Price: from 21 February to April 5th.
    • Onsite Price: from April 6th.

Any orders placed after April 6th can only be placed by e-mail and will depend on the availability of the service and/or stock.

  • Some items and services require additional information to be sent to operaciones@easyfairs.com before April 5th:
    • Change of carpet colour: you must inform us of the colour chosen from the options in the sample book.
    • Additional connections (electrical box, air, water, wired internet, etc.) or construction elements such as storage rooms: you must send the technical plan completed with the location of each element.
    • Additional graphics: you must send the files following the technical specifications and measurements indicated in the graphics document. In addition, you must inform the specific location within the stand if necessary.
      Under no circumstances will Easyfaris or any of its suppliers make any adjustments, modifications or designs to the graphics. The files must reach the Operations department as they are expected to be printed.

All the stand components, materials and furniture that make up, including, but not limited to, walls, chairs, tables, showcases, etc., are booked by the exhibitor on a rental basis. For this reason, they must be returned to Easyfairs, once the event they were booked for has ended, in the same state in which they were delivered.

It is therefore forbidden to make any kind of modification to any of the stand components, materials and/or furniture, as well as to stick and/or nail any object or additional element to any of the aforementioned elements or any other element that may be part of the stand, leaving any kind of mark, groove, crack or damage in general.

Easyfairs reserves its right, at the end of the event, to carry out an exhaustive review of the condition of the stand, documented with photographs that will only be for the internal use of the organisation, to confirm that the exhibitor has indeed complied with this commitment to care and maintenance of the stand and that it has been returned in the same condition in which it was delivered.

The cost of any damage to the stand, materials, furniture, etc., which may be found due to non-compliance or negligence on the part of the exhibitor, as well as due to their action or inaction, will be claimed from the exhibitor by Easyfairs.

On the other hand, exhibitors must notify the organisation of any service, furniture or component of their stand that does not correspond to what was booked for their participation so that it can be removed immediately. Otherwise, Easyfairs will proceed to invoice the ONSITE period price to the exhibitor at the end of the event.


  • Logistics (loading, unloading and storage): Exponor, antonio.nunes@exponor.pt, mobile +351919726583, landline +351229981087
    (This service is exclusive to Exponor; if you wish to use another logistics service, you must have the express authorisation of the venue).
  • Catering: Silvano Moreira, info@silvamoreiracatering.com, +351 914 617 815
  • Hostesses: you can ask for a quote at operaciones@easyfairs.com.
  • Internet: you can request a quote at operaciones@easyfairs.com.


Assembly and Disassembly

It is not necessary to register assembly and disassembly staff or loading and unloading vehicles.

Stand Staff

  1. Log in to MyEasyfairs.
  2. Click on set up your stand and access Visit Connect.
  3. Click on staff/team in the application and fill in the form to register the necessary staff.
    If you have any queries or problems with staff registration or any other section of Visit Connect or MyEasyfairs, please contact the Marketing department at porto@easyfairs.com.



Address: Av. Dr Antonio Macedo, 4454-515, Leça da Palmeira. Hall 6

Parking: Av. Dr. António Macedo, Entrance B


  1. Pick up your badges at the registration desk located between the two entrances to the hall.
  2. Pick up your parking tickets at the Exhibitor Lounge. Parking tickets can be collected on 16 April, Exhibitor’s Day, and on 17 April, the first day of the show, until 15.00.
    Easyfairs will not replace lost, damaged or uncollected tickets.

If you have any questions during the show, please visit the Exhibitor Lounge in the hall.