Portugal tipped as possible stage for reshoring of Europe

Portugal possível palco reshoring

The economic instability of the last two years is having an impact on industry locations around the world. Among the new dynamics of reshoring, Portugal may benefit from its strategic location, so much so that the recent study by JLL (a professional services firm specialising in real estate and investment management) “Supply Chain Disruptions” points out that the country may even become the reshoring hub of Europe.

Changing international landscape prompts reshoring

Although nearshoring is not a recent topic of discussion, companies have been postponing the decision to relocate their production for the advantages related to the still low costs in Asian countries. However, the change in the international scenario and also the new consumption habits, which favour ESG practices, have changed the perspective of these same entities. Instability in distribution networks and severe congestion in ports and airports around the world, during and after the pandemic, push companies towards reshoring as a solution to supply chain intermittencies.

Reinforced European circulation routes

The same JLL study notes that the traditional European Dorsal (from the centre of England to northern Italy) and the emerging “Black Sea Banana”, linking Budapest to the Black Sea, will be the two distribution corridors through which goods are expected to move….

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