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IdentPrint- Sistemas De Identificação E Impressão, Lda

Automation and Robotics

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IDentPrint has AMRs On-Demand automation solutions that allow you to optimize picking in the supply and distribution chain. These solutions are also widely used for just-in-time delivery of material in production areas by automating the movement of any material in any facility.
IDentPrint’s automation solutions are based on the following assumptions:

• Fast automation – possibility to implement robots in just a few hours;
• Instant adaptability to change – AMRs are not fixed assets, so it is possible to change workflows or implement existing workflows in other locations quite simply;
• Security, Protection and Trust – system availability and security through the cloud ensure the system is constantly updated;
• Simple to use and manage – solution that does not require specialized training, providing an intuitive interface that facilitates equipment management;
• Ease of interaction with other systems – the automation system easily integrates with warehouse management systems (WMS) and other types of software.

In short, these solutions are easily implemented in any type of installation, without the need to install complex IT systems and with the flexibility to scale and change at any time according to the operation’s needs.

Start safely operating, locating, tracking and moving anything from parts to pallets.

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